High definition multimedia interface

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  • Ultimate High Speed Digital Video and Audio Cable for the Sharpest Picture, Deepest Color, and Highest Resolution Sound, ready to handle with 3D Display.
  • Myo Technologies and Construction for the Highest Level of High Definition connecting between 1080p HDTVs, Projectors, Digital TV Receivers, HD DVD, Blu-ray and Games Consoles.
  • The exclusive Myo sharp mould connector increase retention force for a more reliable connection.
  • Durable Gold-Plated internal shield with corrosion resistant in gold contacts.
  • Protective and durable net covering the cable to guarantee the performance.


Full HD 1080p
Cable Length: 6Ft/10Ft/15Ft/25Ft/50Ft/100Ft   0.91mt/1.83mt/3.05mt
Bit Color support: 24 Bit RGB, 36 Bit YUV
Smooth Motion Video Speed: 120Hz Refresh Rate
7.1 channel Digital Audio