MYO Multimedia keyboard USB plug slim size

Comfortable full-size layout:
The soft-touch palm rest and full-size key layout help you type comfortably hour after hour.

The Perfect Stroke key:
system distributes typing force evenly across key surfaces, making every keystroke comfortable, fluid, and whisper-quiet.

Easy-access controls:
you can instantly open your favorite applications, such as your Internet browser, e-mail, or media library, with one-touch controls and hot keys.
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Key numbers: 104 + 8 hotkeys located on the top side: E-mail, Web home, Play/Pause, Previous, Next, Volume up & down and Mute.
Power , Sleep Wake up
Stylish and contoured design
Connection: PS/2 & USB Connection
Compatible with all systems
Language: English & Spanish
Dimension: (LxWxH) 445x168x23mm
Keyboard weight: 0.61Kg/1.3Lb