Tripod projector screen

The Myo Tripod screen is ideal for mobile presentations. Rugged and easily setup in minutes, the tripod is a very versatile solution for your projection needs. Features a built-in keystone eliminator, superior fabric reflectivity and a durable metal casing. This tripod also features a durable flame retardant and mildew resistant screen material, that can be cleaned with mild soap and water.
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  • Easy to store and transport
  • Rugged steel case, 2mm steel legs and housing
  • Chrome tripod legs with plastic end caps
  • tripod easily adjusts height and housing position
  • Heavy-duty 1 5/8" roller and 1" black border on sides


Screen Fabric information:

Matte White

The most versatile screen surface and the premier choice when ambient light is controllable. It evenly distributes light over a wide viewing area, while colors remain bright and life-like, with no shifts in hue. The screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Flame retardant and mildew resistant.



Diagonal: 70”/1.778m  -  4:3
Dimension: 180" x 180" / 4.57m x 4.57m
Weight: 7.5Kg.


Diagonal: 72”/1.50m  -  4:3
Dimension: 57.1” x 43.3” /1.45 x 1.10m
Weight: 8.5Kg.


Diagonal: 86”/2.19m  -  4:3
Dimension:  67.7” x  51.2” / 1.72 x 1.30m
Weight: 9.5Kg


Diagonal: 100” /2.54mm  -  4:3
Dimensions: 78.7” x 59.1”   /2.00 x 1.50m
Weight: 10.5Kg